The Lane Family

Our story simply began as a young couple who met in a restaurant nestled in a small sleepy town just west of Colorado Springs, Colorado . At the time I, Lauren, was a hostess and my husband, Dillon, was a server. We dated for two years and in November of 2009 we married. For three years we dreamed big, traveled and lived life as a married couple until our hearts yearned for something more…. a family. In October of 2012 a positive test confirmed what our hearts had been dreaming of.
Time stood still and rushed around us at the same time when we received the call that our boy has a very rare and serious heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. In the weeks following we received news that I would be a candidate for an in-utero procedure in Boston that would either slow down the progression of HLHS or avoid it all together. Without hesitation we knew that we would do whatever we had to do. The surgery was successful and while it did not avoid HLHS it slowed down the progression and left our son with a “less severe” case. Life as we knew it moved on and on July 5, 2013 Elliott James was born. He was here, our son, our beautiful baby boy perfect in every way. Here we were in the midst of 20+ doctors rushing around us trying to get our son across the street to Denver Children’s and again... time stood still, but this time it was different. We were ecstatic new parents, totally and completely in love with our boy.
Elliott had his first open heart surgery at 5 days old and recovered so well that we were discharged 8 days later, he’s had 2 heart catheterizations, and his second open heart took place in Boston in December of 2013 at 5 months old. Currently Elliott is doing phenomenally well, and due to the benefits of the in-utero procedure is now a candidate for a Bi-Venticular repair that will take place in Boston somewhere between 1 and 2 years old.
We are so happy you are here, reading and sharing in this story that we hold so close to our hearts. One that speaks of triumph, struggles, fearlessness and joy…. Oh, so much joy. We hope that while all of our CHD stories are different you can grab ahold of yours, hold it close for what it is and know that there is hope.