The Kaushansky Family

Located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Nate Kaushansky is an IT Guru by trade, a lover of all things electronic, and an avid amateur photographer mainly featuring panoramas, concert and festival photography, as well as landscapes and nature photography. In 2010 he married the love of his life - Jessica, an incredibly talented artist, actor and graphic designer, and in September 2012 their first born son Judah was born.

When Judah was just 24 hours old, a nurse listened to his heart and heard a concerning sound, a heart murmur. He was quickly rushed to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and diagnosed with a congenital heart defect - Truncus Arteriosus. Before he ever got to come home, Judah's journey took him and his parents through 7 months of hospitalization, including his first open heart surgery at just 9 days old, a cardiac arrest resulting in ECMO cannulation for almost a week, a tracheostomy, g-tube, and a 2nd open heart surgery days before his 6-month birthday which included closing several holes in his heart, implantation of a pacemaker, and undergoing a MAZE procedure. Judah would be the youngest patient to receive the MAZE procedure in the history of Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. To read Judah's entire story, please visit

As of January 2014, Judah is a happy and growing healthier by the day 16 month old who loves to smile, laugh, play with his piano and drums, run around like a madman, and go for walks with his dog Rider.