About the Project

Welcome! The Strong Hearts Project is a collaborative photography blog that teams up the parents of three remarkable little boys who were born with Congenital Heart Defects (CHD). We are all located in different parts of the US, have never met face to face, but are banded together by a common experience.

Being a heart parent is a tough job. We've faced open heart surgeries, countless IV pokes and blood draws, various procedures, follow-up appointments galore, rigorous medication schedules, and the never-ending desire to keep our children happy while keeping them healthy. Each day we are having to reinvent a new normal as CHD becomes a daily part of our lives. There are many parents like us, in fact, roughly 1 in 100 kids are born every day with some form of CHD. Each week on The Strong Hearts Project we will share our story. Prompted by a weekly theme, we will provide a peek into our daily lives as heart parents through photographs and written word, in order to raise awareness for this little-known yet not-so-rare medical condition.

Thank you for joining us!