Thursday, March 13, 2014

"Is it here yet?"

Just like everyone in the midwest and northeast of the US, we are desperate for spring! We anxiously await warmer temperatures, walks to the park and, most of all, the end of flu season.

While the terrible over-snowing, extreme-freezing winter has affected most of the entire country, we feel for the fellow high-risk folks the most! Like most high-risk and trached families, flu season means becoming a hermit - from October to April, we barely leave our home, trying to keep nasty infections at bay. Because Judah is trached, a simple cold finds its way directly into his lungs, and his cardiac issues mean several weeks at best to completely overcome any sickness. At the beginning of the winter season, I had a list of creative plans to keep our "hibernation" fun. I turned an unused corner of the room into a reading nook. I transformed a boring hallway into an enchanted forest. Gramma and Grampa even provided a trike that has been hours of indoor fun for Judah.

But now it's time to GO OUTSIDE!!!! Judah spends a lot of time begging to be outdoors, and I am so proud that he seems to love to be out in nature so much. But now is that tenuous time - flu season has not yet completely passed, and the temperatures are not yet temperate.

We will be patient like everyone else in almost the entire country, and grab every semi-nice day that comes our way. Spring WILL COME and we will be ready!!!

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