Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor

Judah adores other children. He loves to see the other kids playing in the waiting rooms of doctor's offices. He loved Baby'n'Me music time at the library, when we were able to go prior to October.

Unfortunately for a social butterfly like Judah, we are mired in a nasty winter with terrible weather and his high infection risk. Judah's heart condition makes it harder for Judah to fight off infection, and his trach makes it very easy for Judah to become sick.

We, like many trach families, have to become hermits during flu season.

Now, I'm not the most social of moms - being a hermit is not that difficult for me. However, Judah really loves the company of kids, and adults - pretty much anyone that he makes eye contact with. He's stopped nurses and strangers in their tracks, just to come over and smile at him and tell him he's adorable. We've been trying to teach Judah sign language, and he's picked up a few words. But without any urging on our part, his favorite word is now "baby". We look forward to springtime and being able to play with other kids again without fear of germs and viruses.

We are incredibly lucky to have connected with a heart-friend in Lynne H. Lynne is actually nearer in age to Nate and I, and is also a Truncus Arteriosus patient. This friendship has meant the world to me and Nate, and it is amazing to hear a firsthand experience of this disease. Getting to know Lynne is inspiring - to see this talented, intelligent and well-spoken woman, who has lived all over the world and is a fearless explorer - gives us hope that Judah will be able to do whatever he wants to do in his life. Judah's heart condition doesn't mean he should be afraid to do anything he wants to do.

We may be hermits this flu season, but as time passes and we grow and heal, there's nothing we can't accomplish.

Especially with friend like Lynne.

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