Sunday, January 26, 2014

Scar tissue

Our wounds. Stories told by a mark seared deep into our skin only to have been healed with time leaving behind a stronger tissue… scar tissue. They are marks that not only show outwardly, but they have left an impression deep within our souls. They comprise our personal and unique story and tell of a time when we discovered a strength we didn't know we possessed. They represent a battle won and they serve as a reminder that the journey is real. When we look at Elliott’s scars we don’t think of it as a symbol of his defect, but more of a badge of honor, something that signifies his strength and how far he’s come.
In those early days, just hours after he was born I wanted a lot of photos of his chest untouched. I suppose I wanted to remember what he looked like without his scars. And while I’m glad I have those photos, I realize now that those scars tell his story and will forever be a part of who he is. I wouldn’t want him any other way. I want him for everything he is now and for everything he’s always been. We will raise him to wear it proudly, to never be ashamed of his scars, and to use his story to encourage and inspire the world around him. Our Elliott, a fighter, a true hero.

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  1. Sniff...sniff. beautiful daughter those are his scars he will wear with honor. It signifies his courage, resilience and bravery. His purpose in life is just the beginning of amazing things he will accomplish and become. He has so much to offer the world and a I am so happy to be his grandmama, and I look forward to seeing the mark he makes in this life. So blessed.