Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Red, Red, My name is Red. Red, Bed, I am in Bed"

Unlike Charlotte's family, our family is surrounded by a very different color palette.

We are blues, greens and hippie browns - like the soothing, natural and earthy kind of life we live. So thinking about red was hard. All I could think of was the day I arrived in CICU (our 5th stay, I believe) when Judah had torn out his scalp IV just before I arrived. He was still laying on a fuzzy baby blue blanket decorated with airplanes and clouds, completely drenched with blood. I have seen my son's blood more times than a mother should.

But this should be happy, powerful! Recent! Our lives are generally so earth-toned, thinking about red was a difficult theme.

But the answer was staring us in the face every night.

In our home, we are lucky enough to have an "Art Studio" - an extra bedroom filled with crafts, paint, sewing and creating materials. As well as a whole host of computer gadgets and Daddy's Main Computer Station of the home. It is also where Daddy and Judah begin their evening routine, watching Raffi sing while Mommy gets everything set up for trach tie changes at night.

Daddy and Judah cuddle in Daddy's big chair in the bright red room, also painted with a giant heart and flower, swirls and glow-in-the-dark secret messages. While Judah chews on his red chewy toys.

I am grateful for this room - a space for creativity and fun (which is a lot like our friend Charlotte's) that Judah will be able to explore, with Mommy's supervision, someday soon.

It is a much better memory than the first, to think of Daddy and Judah in the red Art Studio, singing with the music, getting ready for bed.

Thank you, red.

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  1. A post from mama! I LOVE this! Thinking about red was hard, the theme wasn't intended to be about blood, but yes, I went there too! We will surely do more color themes down the road!