Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Passion in the paint colors.

If our family was to be defined by a color, it would most certainly be red. Red has been my husband's all-time favorite color; our wedding colors were black, white & red, and when it came time to pick colors for a certain little boy's nursery, red was a heavyweight contender. Red is vibrant, full of life, intense, artistic, and unforgiving. Our family life has been anything but boring and our color choices have always reflected that.

Elliott Wilde was named after a favorite musician of ours, Elliott Smith, and we excitedly painted a mural in his room that was inspired by an Elliott Smith album cover. Changing the colors to a blue gray and a rusty red, we wanted to inspire our first born to be passionate & raw, but also sentimental & thoughtful, when he chose a path for his life. Little did we know when we painted the mural that we were choosing a palette similar to CHD awareness colors. Now it seems only fitting. We want our son to feel inspired by his surroundings and circumstances but not confined by them. It is our strongest desire to see our little man rise above this diagnosis and his lifelong relationship with it, to see him live his life with spirited passion.

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