Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cherish those moments of Light

Light can bring hope, it can bring peace, it is the opposite of darkness. When your child is sick and hospitalized, you look for any ray of light, any break in the darkness you can get.

Almost exactly one year ago, my son Judah had spent every day of his 4 months in this world in a hospital bed. He had endured surgeries, therapies, and countless procedures, enough to make even the toughest among us cry out. The doctors continued to work hard to stabilize his heart, his breathing, but he was still very sick. Some days the setting sun would wash over his hospital bed, fighting with the darkness to grant him just a few more minutes of peace, of light. 

Sometimes just seeing the sun set over your peacefully sleeping child's face is enough to make you forget about the stress, the hospital beds and your lack of sleep, all of the blood draws, tests, doctors, and pain, even if just for a minute. And when a minute is all you get until it starts up again, be sure to cherish those moments of light.

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